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Why Write?

Articles that are personal, that tell your story in your voice.

There are many reasons to write. One of the compelling reason is that others write about us and why not us writing about ourselves. The goal isn't to write a history or about one's biography but simply is that writing and reading can be incredible—and writing is something you can do.

Writing everyday makes us better, more thoughtful readers. We bring the insights and appreciation of a writer to what we read. Everything you write has an audience. Even when you write your life story, you go back to read, listening to what you wrote. You question. You consider. You critique you choices.

Have you wondered how the story made public or got on the internet? The answer to that is simple! People wrote it.

How You Can Help: Since its launch in 2007, The KhmerWriter.Com has made significant progress but, as a new site, we are always looking for support to maintain our momentum and build on our successes. This is how you can help: Keep on writing!.

There are many stories about Cambodia has yet been written by us

We inspire and motivate, both ourselves and others.

Writing every day makes us better, more thoughtful readers.

Reading & Writing make us more knowledgeable about a specific topic

Writing helps us develop a voice that is natural and consistent, strong and confident.

You'll have your work published, if you want to become a writer or journalist.

We record our history, and we imagine the future

Share your ideas with other readers, and help to inspire and motivate people reading.

You meet more people in print than we can ever possibly meet face to face.

Writing lets us overcome fear and learn our way around ourselves, and looking forward.

Writing make our thinking stronger and more easily understood and make connection.

Writing teaches us how to work with words in print, to construct a meaningful message.

Here are some of the issues that might help you decide on the topic

Social & Economic Development: Your Input & Idea can help people develop themselves and open the doors to a better future.

Immigration and Immigrant: The issue of immigration and immigrants has been a center stage in politic of Cambodia, and as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. What to do about it?

Natural Resources: Under the development context, powerful interests is destroying our national resources. Natural resources are being polluted and dangerously depleted. Your input can empower farmers, fishers, and others to defend their right to life-sustaining resources.

Devalue Within: We live in a society that devalue among ourselves, particularly against women and minorities. Social diversity should be a social asset, but in many places there is little respect for indigenous people and minorities. We should overcome social discrimination.

This social stigmas inflicts fatal wounds on all levels of our society. What can you do to change this social stigmas?

Peace & Security:

"A peaceful and prosperous society is possible if everyone from pauper to prince adhered to the same virtues of honesty, courtesy and loyalty." Confucius

Peace and Democracy are relatively new concepts in Cambodia. What can you do as a nation to help create a better tomorrow for Cambodia? Writing can help people analyze the root causes of conflict and find creative ways to build peace for the good and society we all hold dearly.

Child Labor: The causes and consequences of child labor. What can you do to stop it! Children as young as five, are involved in child labor in Cambodia. Child labor harms children and keeps them from attending school. It involves work by children under conditions that are hazardous, illegal, or exploitive. Are we robbing the nation's future?

Equality of Women: About 70 percent of the 1.2 billion people who live in extreme poverty are women and girls. We, as Cambodian should recognize the inherent value of women, both individually and within the communities to promote investments in women as an investment in families and communities.

Corruption: Corruption is a sensitive issue, so write it with care. Address the issues and what to do about it.

Ideas & Input: At -We welcome your input and idea. If you are interested in a certain area of writing and is not on, please drop us a line!

From The Expert

Classism: The most efficient way to feel superior is to show others how much money you have accumulated, how large a house you own how fancy a car you drive. Somehow, money doesn't guarantee class. Some of the classiest people I know have very little money. Some of the richest people I know have very little class. Remember: Class that separate us not race.

Racism: Racist language is an invention of people who want to feel superior. However, racism is categorized as being prejudices related to national or regional origin, religion, occupation, social status or some other distinction.

Ageism: The language of ageism will make itself equal in the end. Young people grow old and learn what it's like to be put out to pasture. Older people remember what it was like to be young and foolish.

Ableism: Show me the perfect body and I'll show you a statue or a painting, not a real life human body. All of us humans have defects here and there - warts and moles and bones that healed wrong, muscles that don't work, hair that falls out, chins that droop, and tummies that are the wrong size. Be merciful!

Sexism: Sexist words indicate the illusion that men are the norm and women are the also-rans. Sexist words reflect attitudes that women are things rather than people. Sexist words are often stereotypes held over from prehistoric days. Sexist words demean women and can lead to violence against women.

NOTICE: Make sure you include your name, contact phone number and, if possible, an electronic photo of yourself. We'll be in touch soon afterwards, initially by e-mail. Keep On Writing!


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