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The earliest recorded history of Cambodia starts with the Funan dynasty. The Kingdom of Funan situated in what is known today as the southern province of Takeo between (sixth century to seventh century). This dynasty gave way to the powerful Angkor Empire that established the Khmer Kingdom, as we know it today.

Angkor is the capital of the Khmer Empire between 9th century to the mid-15th century in what is now Cambodia. The name is also used in reference to the empire itself. The Angkorian Empire was the largest pre-industrial urban center in the world.

The Angkorian dynasty is believed to have come from India. The dynasty reigned spanned over 650 years, and their empire covered much of South East Asia. Their territory stretched from Myanmar, which lies east, to the South China Sea and further north, right up to also China.

Khmer Kings, built the most ornate and extensive temples known to mankind. The most successful of the Angkorean kings were Jaya Varman II, Yasor Varman I, Surya VarmanII, and Jaya Varman VII. Their legacy is not as a military conqueror, but rather as a spiritual leader and builder.

Following the abandonment of Angkor, Cambodia's capital population migrated south to Long Vek, then further to Ou Dong, and eventually to Phnom Penh. The destruction of the mighty Angkorian capital also caused a decline, adaptation, and eventual replaced by Hinduism. Theravada Buddhism became the national religion.

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In 1863, King Norodom signed a Protectorate treaty with France, which put Cambodia under the French rule for the next 90 years. After the death of King Norodom in 1904, King Sisowath, was crowned king of Cambodia (1904-1927). However, the throne returned to the Norodom bloodline with the following coronation of King Norodom Sihanouk in 1941. Angkorean Empire Chronology

In 1945, the Japanese ousted the French. Cambodian was granted its independence in 1953, marked the end of 90 years of French protectorate rule. In 1959, King Norodom Sihanouk abdicated the throne, turning the position of Kingship over to his father, Norodom Soramarith (1955-1960). Prince Norodom Sihanouk became the Head of Sangkum Reas Niyoum.

From 1950 through to 1970, Cambodia was the Jewel of Asia. On March 18th, 1970, General Lon Nol, overthrew Prince Norodom Sihanouk. Lon Nol was overthrown by the Khmer Rouge, headed by Pol Pot on the 17th of April 1975.

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